Sunday, 9 June 2019

Saturday 8 June 2019 - Bike Week

The magnificent seven put on their colourful capes and went for a cycle ride, Teresa in the lead.
The Alban Way was lush and green.
Good news - the verges have had a strim, so the chances of nettles stinging your knees or cow parsley catching in your wheels are much reduced.  The roses and elderflowers were lovely, that stretch between Smallford and Nast Hyde Halt is beautiful and clips from handlebar-cam footage don't do them justice.

As the group was all people who have been out before and as it had rained quite a bit, we left out the intended off-road exploration of Ellenbrook Fields and everyone did the further faster loop through the College Lane campus and around Bullen's Green and Colney Heath.
It was beginning to brighten up by the time we reached Bullen's Green, and the headwind soon dried us off.  We appreciated the considerate drivers through Colney Heath, not what you always get. We partook of refreshments at Notcutts and then headed back along the Alban Way.  About eleven miles

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Saturday 11 May 2019 - #SustFest19

We had eleven riders enjoying sustainable transport this morning, with our ride being one of the first events in the Sustainable St Albans Festival programme.  We were delighted to have Catherine, one of the #SustFest19 organisers, with us. 
Bit grey and chilly as we set off, but we did get some sunny spells along the way.

We headed along the Alban Way as far as Hill End Lane, then we wended our way through Highfield Park, with a pause for an official #SustFest19 group photo.  

See the official tweet at :
Highfield Park is a lovely place to cycle, with lots of trees.  The path is a bit bumpy, so the action shots are a little blurred.

We did the loop down Nightingale Lane, along the A414 cycle track and then up Highfield Lane, through the southern part of Highfield Park, and onward to London Road.  More woodland on the Herons Way bridleway, then it was a quick downhill run  to Ayletts for our coffee stop.
Ayletts are also participating in #SustFest19, here is their display.
We enjoyed coffee and cake in the Dahlia Cafe, then headed back to Morrisons via London Road, Highfield Park and the Camp Cycle Route.  We rode about 8.5miles, here is a screen shot of the route.
South Herts Cyclists will be supporting the St Albans Cycle Campaign at the #SustFest19 #MarketTakeover on Sunday 19 May, so do come along if you want any more information.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Saturday 13 April - through the woods

Sunny, but a cold edge in the breeze.  Eleven riders gathered, we welcomed three who were new to 5MTF. After a spell of mostly dry weather, it was an opportunity to get on the bridleways.
We set off on a northern loop, going up to the King William junction, and through to Sandridgebury Lane.  We took care not to go excessively fast.
The bridleway through Heartwood as delightful as ever, blossom and green leaf buds bursting.  
Too early for bluebells but we did meet some horse riders to give way to.

It was too cold to stop and pose for pictures, you are getting the action shots again.  Here we are coming up to Ayers End Lane.
Back on tarmac we headed west to the Harpenden Road, then south, then we turned off into the Childwickbury estate.  We took the bridleway, great views across the Ver Valley as you emerge from the woodland.
All downhill from here to our refreshment stop at the Inn on the Park.  We were already shedding riders by then, and most then headed for home from the Inn, but those of us who returned to Morrisons along the Alban Way had covered nearly eleven miles.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Saturday 9 March 2019 - International Women's Day

A rather grey morning, nine of us mustered, my selfie skills need a bit of polishing as only eight of us are in the picture.  And the IWD posters are actually last year's, the theme this year is Balance for Better.  It was really good to get most of the gang together again and kick off our 2019 rides programme.
We decided we were going to Sandridge via Verulamium.  Off we went along the Alban Way, and along a relatively peaceful Prospect Road and into Verulamium Park.  We had hoped the park run would have dispersed by then, but it hadn't entirely and we crept along the rather congested path.  And it began to rain.
Once through St Michaels we were able to get going a bit, using the Green Ring to get to NCN6, then we headed along Sandridgebury Lane.  Having made good time, and with the weather improving, we decided on an extra loop.  Off we went along Coleman Green Lane, then Tower Hill Lane, with daffodils to enjoy and floods to ford.

We descended Hammonds Lane and headed into the headwind and back into Sandridge.  The Heartwood Tearooms did not have room for all of us, and it was just a little too blustery to sit outside, and clouds still threatened, so we split the ride.  Four squeezed into the tearoom and five carried on to Marshalswick for hot drinks and buns at Simmons.
All in all, a bit of an epic first outing of the year, looking forward to the next.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Cycle into Spring - three ride dates set

We have organised Five Miles to fabulous rides on the following Saturdays:
9 March
13 April
11 May
All rides start 0930 from Morrisons, Hatfield Road.
It is coincidental that these are all the second Saturday of the month. We traditionally open our season around International Women's Day, and this year is no exception.  The May date was the one that matched leader availability - and is a registered event in the St Albans Festival of Sustainability.  The April date was chosen to be in the the middle!
Check your bikes over before joining us on a ride.  Brake blocks and tyres can get very worn over the winter, they might need replacing.  Chains get full of crud and muck and water - they might need tlc. If too far gone, get a new chain before you wear out your cogs and chainrings as well.

Saturday, 26 January 2019


As you do, found this when looking for something else.  Wow, just Wow!

We have set the date for our May ride,  Saturday 11 May.  We will be celebrating health and happiness and sustainable transport as part of the Sustainability Festival.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Happy New Year - first ride of 2019 announced

We reconvene on Saturday 9 March 2019, and we will be celebrating #BalanceForBetter.  This has always been the theme for Five Miles to Fabulous, seeking to even out the gender imbalance in cycling by encouraging more women to cycle.
Although sometimes women and their bicycles infiltrate in unexpected ways....
Somewhat surprised by that caption!

This is more what I was looking for:

Further dates to be announced in due course.