Saturday, 7 September 2013

Open Studios

Three of us convened to peruse the Open Studios listing.  There was a studio only about 100m from Morrisons, but we felt we could and should go a bit further than that, yes even as far as Wheathampstead!  How could we resist an artist called Bel Bluemel? 

Off we went, Alban Way, Oaklands, House Lane and up past Nashe’s Farm, and round through Symondshyde Woods.  We followed a path through the church yard and out into a lovely little green with a play area.  Hmm, leader now had no idea where she was, but made a good guess, and we popped out at the Open Studio just as the door opened.  And yes, it turned to indeed be that Bluemel, the cycle accessories manufacturer! 

We enjoyed our visit, we bought artwork and we turned for home.  More uphill, bike needed to lean against a sign to rest after the effort.  Back to Sandridge via Nomansland, and there we parted company to make our separate ways home.

This was a fairly arduous ride, October will be shorter, slower and flatter.