Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bike Week ride to Sandridge

Six ladies gathered at Morrisons, two out for the first time on a 5MTF ride.  We made such good time on our outward leg to Sandridge via Jersey Lane that the leader had to embellish the intended route.

First we did a little exploring, having a look at St Leonard's Church and pushing our bikes down a footpath, leader fervently hoping she would know where we were when we emerged. Re-orientation accomplished, we set off along House Lane and through the Oaklands grounds.  Across the Hatfield Road and into Highfield Park, we made our way to Trestle Arts Base for a coffee stop.  Then we had a bit of fun playing with the puncture kit.  What leader failed to notice in the merriment of demonstration patching of the front tube was that it was actually the back tyre which was flat.......

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sleapshyde Plant Sale

Four of us (Angela, Isa, Patsy & Rona) set off along the Alban Way for Sleapshyde, where we enjoyed tea and cake at the Methodist Church coffee morning.  Refreshed, we set off back along the Alban Way as far as Oaklands, where we rode across the grounds on the bridleway, savouring the Steam Fair atmosphere on the way.
Through the houses and onto Jersey Lane northwards, through to Homewood Road where we made it just in time for the Hardy Plant Society Plant Sale.  Plants were purchased - see photos!