Saturday, 17 September 2016

Open Studios

Our traditional visual arts ride, and Rona had been studying the Herts Open Studios booklet, map in hand.
She was also wearing her most artistic cycling hat. Seven of us set off, heading north.  A secondary theme on this ride was diving through small gaps in hedges, although we stuck to the track on Jersey Lane. Heavy rain yesterday, so we stayed on tarmac through Sandridge and across Nomansland. Then a sharp turn through a hedge took us onto a farm track, this cut out a hill.

The Fab 4 studio was irresistibly inviting on account of both name and content, but just a little bit too far away, we decided as coffee time approached. 

So we hightailed it into Southdown and some sports nutrition (hot drinks and banana flapjack) at Jay's. Then it was off to find our studio.  Welbeck Rise gives a clue to the terrain, and the Wensley Arts studio is right at the top. 

Two artists showing watercolours, photographs and prints and   Very enjoyable visit.

Another hedge-dive got us onto Cross Lane, and we wended our way back to St Albans, shedding riders en route.  

From Morrisons to the St Albans boundary bollard on Harpenden Road we had covered just over 10 miles.